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SLA Laser Rapid Prototyping

Description: laser rapid forming machine based on the advanced technology of laser stratified 3D technology and computer control scanning manufacturing. The main material for the photosensitive resin.

The advantage of SLA:

A, short processing cycle, generally for 4 days.

Two, the processing of the product regardless of complicated structure and not, as long as 3D files.

But the only drawback is the material strength is a bit poor, can not be repeated disassembly and bolt.

SLS Laser Rapid Prototyping

Description: high precision, fast speed, low cost, material ABS, nylon etc.;

CNC sample making

Description: the use of machining centers of high precision equipment, the use of MASTERCAM, PROE, UG software, processed in various plates. Widely used in telecommunications, home appliances security, mobile phone, and development in the field of automobile, military products.

The main advantage:

A wide range of processing materials. Including (ABS.POM PMMA. PP.PA.PC. The transparent. Copper. Aluminium. Bakelite etc.), high strength materials, can be made of high temperature resistant model.

Two. High manufacture precision, can reach 0.05-0.1MM.

Three. The product is the appearance of the surface treatment is very beautiful, clear lines, suitable for the customer to use the exhibition.

Silica gel and small batch mode

Description: Based on the prototype, rapid manufacturing silicone mold simple use of vacuum casting machine. Through times of vacuum casting, small batch replication, the material for the PU material, can produce ABS transparent, soft, high temperature resistant samples.

Its advantages:

A short production cycle, low processing cost.

Two. Sample good strength, can be used for customer prototype testing.

Metal processing

Description: using the processing of metallic materials, the use of high precision CNC and CNC machining center lathe production hardware Shouban, (aluminum, zinc, copper, iron, stainless steel sheet metal parts etc.).

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